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Tegan Quin: Sara and I haven’t been out on a tour supporting someone else since 2006 so initially, I was actually really nervous to accept.We’ve gotten used to doing our own thing and jumping back into supporting someone else scared me a bit.Plus, I guess I’m selfish enough to bring out a band I love just so I can hear them all the time.AE: Tegan, When Paramore asked you to come on the Honda Civic Tour what were your initial thoughts?Her singing chops earned her a string of cameos on other albums, including October Fall’s A Season in Hell and Say Anything’s In Defense of the Genre, while her looks won her the honor of Kerrang’s “Second Sexiest Female” in 2007. Paramore also charted another hit with their contribution to the Twilight soundtrack, “Decode.”Williams made more guest appearances in 2009, including a performance alongside her new boyfriend, Chad Gilbert, on the New Found Glory track “Tangled Up.” Meanwhile, Paramore wrapped up work on a third album, Brand New Eyes, and released it that September, where it debuted at number two and quickly went gold.Williams remained focused on Paramore, though, whose 2007 sophomore effort Riot! Also appearing that autumn was Williams’ first solo composition, “Teenagers,” which was included on the movie soundtrack to Jennifer’s Body.What I know is that I’m not going to let myself be one of those.

"We want to publicly state -- plainly, and only this time -- that we are splitting up. We will continue to encourage and support each other personally and professionally."See the full post below: Williams, 28, and Gilbert, 36, started dating in 2008.We’ve also almost exclusively toured in support of male acts and so we were excited to see what it would be like to support a female-fronted band.AE: Hayley, as a Christian in a band that has openly identified as Christian were you worried that your audience might not accept Tegan and Sara as they are lesbians and not a part of the Christian rock scene?After Ellen.com: This is Paramore’s biggest headline tour ever.I imagine there was huge pressure on you about picking the support acts for the tour; so, how did you pick Tegan and Sara?

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There is a challenge to trying to understand your own heart in the context of a relationship…

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