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Nevertheless, my groin started to tingle as soon as my aching chute sounded the alarm that there was a full-scale invasion underway.Ed always wakes up with a hard-on when we get together.I only get out to Seattle once in a while on business.But when I do, I always give Ed a call because I know he'll be ready and able to ride my ass long and hard-any time of the day or night.I tied my tie, then leaned over to give him a farewell kiss. I finally arrived at the airport just in time to see the United flight taking off into the wild blue yonder as I was entering the parking garage. I changed my ticket and called my secretary to alert her to my delay.I cursed my luck and tried to figure whether I could get to my meeting on time if I caught the . She offered to put all my stuff together and take it to the meeting for me."Let's just say it means we're going to be engaged in some serious dicking tonight," he'd wryly retorted. I wanted to writhe against the thick mat of hair that covered his chest and trailed down over his belly while I jacked off. "Is that damned thing really telling me that it's a quarter to seven?

And when we'd finally gone to 'sleep, his thick cock was still crammed up into me. I groaned as he reached around and started playing with my thick nipples, pulling down hard on 'em and rubbing his hairy chest across my shoulders."I see you're still wearing your present," he chuckled when he'd traced my cum tube back down to my asshole, tickling it with his fingers. He put it on as soon as I came through the front door, first slipping my fat balls into the loop, then threading my limp dick through as well.It pressed tight up between my legs and I could see it glistening among my pubes when I looked down. " I'd laughed when he looked up from putting it on me. I rolled up on top of him, careful to keep his cock up my ass."I love to feel it grabbing my big hard dick." Any further protest from me stopped when he started working my ear and neck over with his hot tongue, his stubbled chin prickly against my tender skin.His big, callused hands alternately massaged my pees and slid up and down over my hard, smooth torso.

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  1. Instead Jo focused on building a successful career in marketing and ad sales. #Team Mark And Jo #She Said Yes.” [Credit: instagram]On Facebook Jo thanked everyone for the kind words and well-wishes about her engagement, and revealed the top-secret proposal happened while the couple was on vacation.

  2. Kind of eerie actually, and maybe some sort of psychological illusion, but it sounds just like it would if a person is sitting behind me and talking. I wish the tubes were all just a bit longer — maybe about 2″ or so.