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So you'll have to be patient…a lot more than you realize.The shocking reality that most guys face when they date in China is how little many Mainland ladies know about hygiene.Granted if you live in either Beijing or Shanghai it would be faster.You can even do some online Chinese dating once you know the top sites (click on the link to find out.) In fact once you know where to go meet sexy Chinese women you're 50% likely to do better.Also because of Mao's "cultural revolution" most people from China stopped learning about culture and cleanliness.Local farmers didn't need to bathe that much I guess. There are many local women in mainland who • have studied overseas • practice good hygiene • date like people in the West would That being said you'll have to sift through a lot of women to find them.In any case - get our exclusive Asian dating tips and goodies to boost your chances at an satisfying dating life.

Check out what China Dating Coach 'Kane Vast' has to say to help you with dating in China. He works with expats at Pickup and helps guys from Mainland at Manup Live in Mainland China and want to date a Chinese woman? Most locals in the bigger cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen, etc…) have just immigrated and have never seen someone from a different country before.If you're like me then you find Asian women beautiful…so why not? In a lot of cases you just talking to a local girl is a big deal to her.Make sure to bring her back home safely and walk her to her door.The kiss is always difficult to do because it may seem awkward.

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When you're dating a Chinese woman you might realize that her views on dating and yours are extremely different.

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  1. Some have a lack of self-confidence, some got pestered when they were young and some just can’t be bothered to visit club after club or pub after pub just to meet the right guy.