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It must have been much higher in ancient times to prevent further erosion by the sea. Large trapezoidal blocks built course by course formed the outer shell holding together the rubble filling in the core. They were able to work underwater for 1 ½ to 2 hours at a stretch, no small achievement for beginners.This gravity well was specially designed to serve as an anti-erosion structure in the sea, and is certainly a bolder experiment than that of their predecessors, the Harappans. Thus for the first time scientific diving for archaeological excavation has been introduced by the marine archaeology unit.A semi-circular mooring stone with a hole has been found here in situ. The large three-holed stone anchors (150 to 250 kg) of prismatic shape lying in a row suggest that the jetty was about 1.2 km from the present shoreline , 12 metres below present water line. Exploration since 1984 in the Dwaraka waters has been confined to the right bank zone towards the lighthouse of the ancient Gomati channel.

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They were recovered in a trench dug at 4.6 metres below sea level and seem to belong to the early historic or later period.

In the last season and again during the present expedition, parts of the hull of a wooden boat were found.

Useful data on sea level fluctuations have been collcted during the present expedition.

Three wavecut benches were encountered at depths of 11.22 metres, 4.6 metres and 1.34 metres.

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