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It's not enough that we have plenty of neurotic characters like our "protagonist" or the chicks in the cast but also the themes here will seriously shake you up.

Demons with retractable dicks, men getting turned on by women who just brutally stabbed them (although in all fairness any straight man has the ability to be guilty of this one) and more rape than you can shake a stick at. The origins of the magical book and the events that surround the place where Minase found it (The night of the walpulgis) is captivating and will make you want to see more. In fact, even for 2001-2003 standards this Hentai is probably among the best when it comes to production quality AND sheer innovation.

Every school has secrets, but few leave a stain that won't wash out.

In a certain school, there was once a fun club centered around magic but had turned into murder and a lust for power.

Seemingly your average high school dude with friends, a childhood crush and potentially a good future.

What was at first a simple stroke of curiosity becomes much larger and harder to control. Really, they're all bitchy or assholes or victims--that's not a personality. It's probably one of, if not, the most popular hentai franchise out there. Now at this point, she's sacrificed to some demon or devil or some higher power (or lower power, since Hell is...below... My mind is blown at this point, much like the penii of several of the men.

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better first time. Ladies, if you’re interested, let your intentions be known. If you’re on a date with an attractive woman you’re hoping to make out with later, do not decide to go to the bathroom at the same time after brunch.

It didn’t feel weird or “omg, this is what I’ve been waiting for all my life because it’s so much better than being with men!

I assure you, even those are hentai, they're a lesser form. Same rule applies to hentai, the hentai that fulfills this trinity is king. Bible Black is a Hentai that takes sex and violence to a whole new level.

Think of it this way, Belphegor in comparison to some lesser demon like an imp. There's more psychosis, stabbing and dry ass fucking in here than an average anime watcher would be able to cope with for the remainder of their lives.

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Yet chillingly enough you don't even notice that because the story is clever in justifying every immorality by victimising the villains or otherwise coming up with some cool story only to have said villains aggressively invade someone's rectum in the very next scene. But let's not get ahead (get a head lol) of ourselves and start with the story.

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