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' Many girls suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks.' I personally still suffer nightmares about Jon.I’ve also carried a lot of guilt and shame over the years about how my ‘first love’ wasn’t really loving at all.This gorgeous older man who, I figured, could probably have his pick of any girl, had chosen me – Fast-forward a year and he had completely taken over my life.I barely saw my friends; I couldn’t wear certain outfits, and he regularly marched me out of public places when he decided other guys were looking at me.

' He was the first guy to actually fancy me, and it was so flattering.' ' I come from a small surfing town in Devon, where these kind of relationships were normalised. ' Now, I strongly feel that any relationship where one person has no experience and the other has lots can never be equal.' For me, having an older guy take interest in me was, at first, the biggest self-esteem boost ever.These are just the basic of why women want to go on dating older men versus younger men, but ladies, there are other reasons Below, I've got the top 21 reasons why dating old men is awesome and why older men are a great choice! Why can't you be like Cheryl Sandberg and actually accomplish something with your lives instead of leaning on us old men for everything?? But if you want to be taken care of, the house needs to be cleaned and dinner on the stove when we get home from working an actual job. You want to blame younger guys because they don't want to take care of lazy butts.' The kids don’t take lessons seriously if they’re not going to help them get into university.' Although attitudes do seem to be changing – Adam Johnson was sacked by his club, Sunderland while he was still awaiting trial, a rarity for footballers accused of sexual misconduct – there can be a tendency to view these relationships as silly misdemeanours rather than the damaging situations they are.' It can take a long time to re-build your self esteem after leaving an abuser,' Alice explains.

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