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Philippians 2:3, 4 is very specific: we are to consider others better than ourselves, and to look out for their interests, and not just our own. Do you think you are successful in putting your spouse’s needs before your own?

Discussing your different desires and making a list of goals can help you come up with a game plan that allows time for each of you to do some of the things on your wish lists.• Why do you think it is wise to continue to find things you enjoy doing together?

But his disappointment put a real damper on my delight—as it should have. When we are living out our marriage vows as we should, we will find joy in each other’s successes, even when it means sacrifice on our part.

But we will also share each other’s failures and disappointments and find their sting diminished, simply because someone understands how we feel and is disappointed along with us.

This is a far cry from what I had in mind when I brought up the subject of our summer time (my plan was more scheduled, detailed, and, yes, color-coded), but our solution seems to be working so far.

Today, for example, Ryan mowed the lawn and worked with his hounds, while I took our son and ran a few errands. Ryan made a few phone calls while I put our son to bed and read a few chapters of a novel. Not too together, but not two separate lives either.

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