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Sometimes you would rather trade away the flexibility, customization and other great features of the ports collection or pkgsrc for something that's more "quick 'n easy." Since many years ago, Free BSD, Open BSD, Net BSD and Dragon Fly BSD have used the "pkg_add" command to install binary packages.

In August of 2012, however, the Free BSD ports team released the first version of the next generation package management tool: pkgng The old pkg_ toolset was getting a bit long in the tooth and didn't support a lot of the features that a modern package manager should have.

The pkgng toolset fixes all this, while adding some of its own awesome new features that no other package managers have.

This tutorial will show you the basic usage of the "pkg" utility.

After this upgrade it is recommended that you do a full upgrade using: 'pkg upgrade' The following packages will be upgraded: Upgrading pkg: 1.0.2 - 1.0.11 The installation will free 10 MB 1 MB to be downloaded Proceed with upgrading packages [y / N]: y pkg-1.0.11100% 1400KB 350.0KB / s 700.1KB / s Checking integrity ... done 1.14 The installation will require 3 MB more space 33 MB to be downloaded Proceed with upgrading packages [y / N]: y libiconv-1.14_1100% 592KB 296.2KB / s 422.4KB / s gettext- 4958KB 450.8KB / s 778.3KB / s pcre-8.32100% 1018KB 339.2KB / s 157.6KB / s libffi-3.0.13100% 33KB 32.5KB / s 32.5KB / s perl-5.14.2_3100% 12MB 690.9KB / s 75.5KB / s python27-2.7.3_6100% 8979KB 528.2KB / s 408.6KB / s glib-2.34.3100% 2453KB 490.7KB / s 303.4KB / s gamin-0.1.10_5100% 73KB 72.8KB / s 72.8KB / s png-1.5.14100% 241KB 241.0KB / s 241.0KB / s gio-fam-backend-2.34.3100% 8636 8.4KB / s 8.4KB / s libslang2-2.2.4_4100% 813KB 406.5KB / s 253.1KB / s pkgconf-0.9.1_2100% 22KB 21.5KB / s 21.5KB / s screen-4.0.3_14100% 421KB 210.4KB / s 390.8KB / s libidn-1.26100% 196KB 196.1KB / s 196.1KB / s mc- 1428KB 476.0KB / s 317.9KB / s wget-1.14100% 452KB 452.5KB / s 442.5KB / s Checking integrity ... done Upgrading gettext from to ...

Removing / usr / bin / perl Removing / usr/bin/perl5 Done. Symlinking / usr/local/bin/perl5.14.2 to / usr / bin / perl Symlinking / usr/local/bin/perl5.14.2 to / usr/bin/perl5 Done.

You probably have a Free BSD package repo which points to the change not found pkg: need to re-create repo Free BSD to upgrade schema version Fetching meta.txz: 100% 944 B 0.9k B/s Fetching packagesite.txz: 100% 5 Mi B 892.0k B/s Processing entries: 100% Free BSD repository update completed.

It should look something like this: add Registers a package and installs it on the system annotate Add, modify or delete tag-value style annotations on packages audit Reports vulnerable packages autoremove Removes orphan packages backup Backs-up and restores the local package database check Checks for missing dependencies and database consistency clean Cleans old packages from the cache convert Convert database from/to pkgng create Creates software package distributions delete Deletes packages from the database and the system fetch Fetches packages from a remote repository help Displays help information info Displays information about installed packages install Installs packages from remote package repositories lock Locks package against modifications or deletion plugins Manages plugins and displays information about plugins query Queries information about installed packages register Registers a package into the local database remove Deletes packages from the database and the system repo Creates a package repository catalog rquery Queries information in repository catalogs search Performs a search of package repository catalogs set Modifies information about packages in the local database ssh ssh packages to be used via ssh shell Opens a debug shell shlib Displays which packages link against a specific shared library stats Displays package database statistics unlock Unlocks a package, allowing modification or deletion update Updates package repository catalogs updating Displays UPDATING information for a package upgrade Performs upgrades of packaged software distributions version Displays the versions of installed packages which Displays which package installed a specific file While we're not going to go over every single subcommand and all of its features, we will cover all the parts you need for basic usage and package management.done Two Year Anniversary 2015-08-08 We're quickly approaching our two-year anniversary, which will be on episode 105.To celebrate, we've created a unique t-shirt design, available for purchase until the end of August. Most of the proceeds will support the show, and specifically allow us to buy...The internet will tell you that, of course, 10.2 is EOL, that packages are being built for 10.3 by now and to better upgrade to the latest version of Free BSD.While all of this is true and running the latest versions is generally good advise, in most cases it is unfeasible to do an entire OS upgrade just to be able to install a package.

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