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After completing his contract in Dubai, Alan accepted Rita's invitation to move in with her, which delighted Jenny.Jenny, meanwhile, hoped to carry on seeing Martin but the car crash had scared him off and at Jenny's sixteenth birthday party held at the Builder's Yard he snubbed Jenny for Edwina Turner.Miraculously, neither were seriously harmed, though Martin was in hospital for a few days.To protect Jenny, they told the police that Martin had been driving the car, but when Alan, home on leave, yelled at Martin for nearly killing his daughter, Jenny came to Martin's rescue and came clean before things got ugly.Her grandmother was in a care home down south, while her aunt Doreen Warburton, who lived locally in Clegg Street, refused to have her long-term due to her having three children of her own.Social worker Don Worthington placed her at Larchfield Children's Home temporarily while Social Services traced Alan, but Jenny hated it there and walked out after one night, prompting Don to approach Rita, a registered foster parent, about fostering Jenny.

By now, Alan and Rita were dating, reinforcing the mother-daughter relationship which Jenny and Rita shared.

Eventually she wore him down and they started dating.

In December, Martin borrowed Rita's car to take Jenny to a talent contest in Rochdale, at which she won first prize.

After eight years, Jenny and Alan were effectively strangers and Jenny required convincing that she needed him in her life, while Alan felt he couldn't have Jenny anyway as he was still in the same job and working all over the country.

Fearing that Alan would give up too easily, Don got Rita to act as mediator between the Bradleys and with some cunning she persuaded Jenny to give her dad a chance.

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She returned to the Street again in January 2016 when Rita took pity on her, soon to start work at Underworld and begin a promising relationship with factory boss Johnny Connor.

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