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I don’t know how to navigate figuring things out in my Wasatch Front culture.Today my sister said “when I was in jr high I thought sex was __ and__ and then I figured out it was so much more”. I received a compelling email from a senior in high school and I would love to get your help answering it.It’s such a sincere, honest email with such heartfelt questions about an important topic. Here’s the email (with her name changed and any identifying facts removed): Hi Gabrielle, My name is Lisa and I’m a senior in high school living in a medium-size city in Utah (I’ll be heading to BYU in the fall). I’m emailing you for advice among all people in the world because a) you’re a mom b) you’re LDS, and c) I like what you have to say especially about tricky topics like this. Today I was talking to my college age sister about a terrible law of chastity lesson I had in seminary and explained my frustration about how Mormons have such an unhealthy way about discussing sex.

So here’s where I ask for advice and a few questions.

How can I open up a conversation about sex with my parents? As a parent is it difficult to talk about this with your kids?

Do you have any recommendations for basic resources/literature? As mentioned before I really do appreciate your approach to motherhood especially regarding tricky subjects such as this.

The research of 2,000 men found they switch off after just six minutes of chatting with their other half, but regularly pay attention for an entire 15 minutes when discussing football or their sex lives with mates.

More than a third said the most common sign their partner isn't listening is when they take far too long to respond to a question, followed by a flurry of blank or glazed expressions.

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