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A 1860's Wrapper, much requested, has also been added. The other vital person, who even James Kochan will acknowledge shared his research with a teenaged James, is Stephen Osman.Stephen has been researching in the National Archives for over 35 years. We have received a limited supply of our slouch hats in grey, sizes medium, large and extra-large.James Country Gift Certificates are now available for purchase online below. It also examines many of his best paintings all lovingly filmed from original canvases in 4K ultra-high-definition. It is copied from an extant Garrick owned by Laughing Moon Mercantile. "The Big Divide" is a driving guide to the Border War area for only . We have a TON of new fabric that we've purchased for shirts, dresses, etc.The coat is not only great looking, but can be worn either for modern day, period, or fantasy dress. -- but it is also for sale by the yard here in our store.

Click here to order pattern or shop other Laughing Moon designs. The reader must choose what to do with them; the authors will not and cannot make that decision. Images can be found with the gathered bodice and square collar dating from the late 1830s to 1842.The book on Glass, "The Saga of Hugh Glass, calls him a Pirate, Pawnee and Mountain Man. It is bad economy to buy a cheap poor material for a working dress, under the idea that is will do very well for common purposes, when they should stand a good deal of wear and tear." LIMITED SUPPLY of cloth shopping bags -- or pokes. Two colors choices -- a green multi-stripe or a turkey red/black multi-stripe. These are perfect for your reenacting needs or your everyday shopping. These are 20th Century production buttons from Czechoslovakia -- but they are true small chinas!From what we hear, the movie is very well done -- and we have the book available for sale. If you know anybody into the Mountain Man time period, it should be a good movie and I know it's a good read. The size is approximately 18"x15" with fabric handles. We have both 1/2" and 3/4" sizes available in colors of red, tan, black and navy blue. This is a small supply at only 50 cents per button, SO DON'T DELAY!!This type of coat is so famous it has its own place in as the "Badass Long Coat". These are a rectangle shawl made of a blend of cashmere and silk. Some are rectangular -- approximately 7" by 30"; others are a 3-strand tri-color, braided in a period fashion. The authors of the book, John and Elaine Masciale, have gone to great lengths to document each piece, including date of first publication, many verses for each song and all in the "original" language. They do not agree with any of the bigotry or racism expressed in any of the songs.It is customizable with being either a man's or ladies' garment, single or double breasted, and having a stand or falling collar. Those of you doing late 18th century/early 19th century living history, if you are looking for any of her work, grab yours now! Also, handwoven cotton or wool rugs are available, PERFECT for your 19th century living history! We have a new selection of Cowboy Shirts in stock, above left, as well as a Men's Frock Coat, size 42, above right. Priced at only , they are an excellent reproduction shawl. They do, however, believe that it is important to face history directly and to see it for what it is.

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Tales of Druids, ghosts, the Devil and a host of other supernatural creatures abound, some dating back to the long lost ages before man could write.

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