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Also since his mother was muslim they were limited to the kinds of restaurants they could eat at together.Needless to say, my friend wasn't expecting this at all and these are just a few of the interracial dating problems out there.Sophomores Jillissa Drayton and Adam Sosnicki expressed that friends and outsiders have lauded their relationship.Jillissa said, “I think people get excited to see a progressive, mixed race couple. There are, of course, those few friends that say something a little rude unintentionally every now and then.” On the other hand, Adam felt the pressures from his family regarding his choice of partner, and said, “I’ve gotten criticized by my family, especially since they’re very traditional Europeans, who, not to paint them in a bad light, aren’t the most tolerant people. Rodriguez tied the knot, her parents were very accepting of their decision. Yan strayed from her parents’ preferences when it came to her dating life, 71% of polled students said they would date someone of a different ethnic background even without their parents’ consent.

He's asking you to come to his business dinner and entertain his clients.He's from the Middle East and expects you to obey him.Yes your partner has expectations that you think range from insensitive to borderline inhumane!Sure you don't expect him to take out the trash everyday, or expect her to wear a skirt every time you ask her to.On the other hand there are some things that they do or expect from you that would make your eyes pop out of your skull! As soon as your partner does something 'different' tell him/her that you're not used to that.

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This story was originally published by the school newspaper at Townsend Harris High School and is now being presented on the Daily News website as part of the Newsies!

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