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And yes, don’t forget that dab of perfume to leave a trail of men swooning over your fragrance as you walk past them!

[Read: What men always notice in women] #3 Flirty gestures What men like in women is a streak of flirty seduction.

But you don’t always have to flirt back with a guy, sometimes when you play hard to get and blow hot or cold once in a while, it’ll throw a guy off guard and make him try harder to please you.

Men can’t get enough of flirty gestures from women.

Ever seen an ad on the television where a girl walks across the street and all the guys either trail her or wolf whistle in appreciation? When it comes to appreciation at first sight, what different men like in women doesn’t really vary a lot. And it’s really simple to become that woman who can make heads turn and men swoon wherever you go.

But there are a few kinds of women that men absolutely adore and fall in love with, wherever they go.

Stand in front of the mirror and try a few flirty moves. A shirt or a tee that ends just right around where your jeans start, or a perfectly fitting top with a wider neck that shows a bit but yet needs a bit of craning to get a peep is just perfect for men.

It may seem dumb at first, but hey, remember what men like in women and try this tip. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you] #4 Just a little bit of skin Want that glance to turn into a second and third glance? An outright pound of cleavage or a slab of midriff can seem attractive, but it’s also trashy and crude. They love the nearly-there peeks and their curiosity would drive them crazy enough to stare, again and again.

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