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They are known to have lived about 80,000 years ago in East Asia.

The bones from those Denisovians don't look like Neanderthals or like the 400,000-year-old bones that researchers have found in the pit.

Once it has analysed your DNA, 23and Me tells you what diseases you are most likely to succumb to, opening the possibility that people would self-administer without seeking proper medical advice.

It turns out that I am a good example of how the information can cause incorrect assumptions.

23and Me revealed that 3.2pc of my genome is estimated to be comprised of DNA from Neanderthals, which puts me in the 99th percentile range of all those tested by the company (the average for a European is somewhere in the vicinity of 2pc.) Naturally, I assumed this meant I am stronger, tougher and more rugged than the average puny human, who doesn’t benefit from my potent Cave Man blood.

Six years ago, while covering the World Economic Forum in Davos, I was offered a free DNA test by a company called 23and Me, a California-based company that was marketing the first personal genome testing kit.

One of my ancestors was a Neanderthal and at some point their bloodline was mingled with one of the humans who had completed the long migration from Africa into the Eurasian continent.

Thus possibly began the rise of the homo sapien, a rapacious species that would go on to conquer the world, and the demise of the big boned, long armed, brawny Neanderthal, who mysteriously died out.

Finding their DNA thousands of miles and hundreds of thousands of years away from where we thought Denisovians evolved throws everything we know about ancient humans and how they spread out around the globe and evolved into distinct species into question.

"It's extremely hard to make sense of," Meyer told The NYT.

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