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If something looks weird, like the font has changed, you've probably cut'n'pasted and gotten some bonus code. By default, this has the following dropdown options: If you change the dropdown option, it will change the location field above. The "restricted--no proxy" option WON'T prefix with the proxy string, but will show the little restricted icon. Click this to make the record appear on your A-Z list of Databases. E.g., something like "2 Simultaneous users" or "Available on cd-rom only." Note: Only an admin or a person with the "eresource_mgr" permission will have this option. To see what sorts of hidden code might lurk beneath your record, click the "source" tab. Note: Only an admin or a person with the "eresource_mgr" permission will have this option. The public view, obviously, is what the public sees.Your local webmaster-type should be able to customize it however you want.Your admin can customize which buttons appear here, by default a limited set is shown. Default options are: The key one is the second--choose that and the proxy string will be automatically added to the URL. Here's the quick rundown of the options in a blank guide.

If you go to the root of your Subjects Plus installation (by default something like you will see a listing of the public pages are available "out of the box." I list them here for your delectation: File: All This is where library staff create the content that is then displayed through the public interface. It is slightly narrower than the regular box width, and is just the title bar, with no body.

OMG, all sorts of MSXML junk--MS Word likes to add that. The life preserver, if all works well, should test a URL to see if it looks okay.

Try using the "Paste from Word" button in future, or better yet the "Past as Plain Text" one. This location should ordinarily be a full URL (like, WITHOUT an ezproxy prefix.

Sadly, there is no support for When I started blogging, I asked myself ” who will read your post?

how will people know that you have published something on your blog?

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