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The function of the partners is to collaborate and develop strategies and recommendations to the CDPH Director’s Office aimed at strengthening the PHL system.

To strengthen the PHL system, the PHLSWG has chosen to focus on ensuring quality service delivery, continuous quality improvement of public health services, and enhanced disease surveillance as outlined by the CDPH mission statement.

LFS provides oversight for clinical and public health laboratory operations and for the licensed and certified scientists and other testing personnel who perform testing in clinical laboratories.

Laboratory Central Services – Laboratory Central Services (LCS) provides centralized, professional and technical support to the public health laboratories at the CDPH Richmond Campus.

I do not know if during the Paleolithic Monkishness was more common than today.

Perhaps stone artifacts could give us some insight into this issue.

Numerous MSA lithics were found in Members I and III.

Basic lithic techno-typological systems remained stable over that time.

The work group consists of two member representatives from each of the following: the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors (CAPHLD), California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO), and the County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC).Holding the artifacts in my hands, I can feel the knappers to thin the tips of these points as much as possible.The Kibish formation of the Lower Omo River of southwestern Ethiopia, located approximately 400 km from the early MSA sites at Gademotta and Kulkuletti, has been a major location of both paleontological and archaeological finds.In Omo 1, the occipital is strikingly modern (rounded), the parietals have their maximum breadth relatively high, there is only a weak supraorbital torus, and a chin is present.On the other hand, Omo 2, has a more angled occipital, the maximum breadth of the skull is lower, but the calvarium is high and arched .

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