Dating someone with anorexia

Depression or dysthymia can linger for the first few years of recovery.

As a result of these changes in the brain, people who have given up their primary coping skill (an eating disorder or addiction, for example) may be left looking for another way to feel good.

It’s also wise to stop smoking and other addictive habits because they continue stimulating the dopamine system in the brain, fueling cravings for another high. During the difficult early phases of recovery, people must learn to tolerate the stresses of everyday life and give themselves time to work through their issues.

Years ago, I was part of a research team that tracked clients’ level of emotional dysregulation after completing a treatment program.

When someone struggles with an eating disorder, their loved ones may grow accustomed to dealing with them as what we call the “identified patient.” The relationship may be defined by distrust and dysfunctional patterns of caretaking and/or enabling rather than support and encouragement.

When the patient gets well, the focus shifts to the loved ones, often revealing flaws and weaknesses that require treatment of their own.

As a result, loved ones must be prepared to address their own emotional issues and adjust their roles to avoid being “toxic” to their loved one’s recovery.

People in recovery may have lost friends because of their eating disorder and gravitated toward friends who struggled with similar issues.

An individual may recover from an eating disorder only to find that they compulsively pursue romance, sex, or relationships to feel validated and worthy.

While some old friendships may be supportive of their recovery, others may not.

Part of recovery is making the difficult decisions concerning who stays and who goes.

Only then can men and women in recovery be healthy and whole for themselves and their partners. I have been fighting my eating disorder for four yrs. I do not know how to balance my eating disorder and recovery. I found the more i fixated on this lie have to look a certain way then the more and more intense my eating disorder would go. You've made some very significant changes in your thinking that are a big part of what it takes to be in recovery.

At the deepest level, eating disorders can be a cry for recognition, acknowledgement, security... Often we look for these things in other people or in having things.

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