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() Award-winning HIV/AIDS campaigner in Zimbabwe, Martha Tholanah, is calling for the inclusion of minority groups in national reproductive health programs in order to fight stigma and discrimination.

() By 2030 the AIDS epidemic should be overcome – that's the goal of the United Nations.

However, with 'civilisation' and migration, people have become tolerant to male smokers, especially if you are an adult and smoking away from people.

Tell-tale has it that strangers can be united by the need for a smoke.

By the time she lets it go, the escape route is her nostrils and she does it in such a frightening manner, that an onlooker would think she was on fire.

In spite of all the safety precautions, she must have pricked herself with an infected needle. Gloria became pregnant and was kept under constant medical supervision.

Hitherto, cigarette and Indian hemp smoking, popularly called "Igbo", was usually (or at least) the exclusive preserve of the male folk.

Hardly would you find a woman engaging in this vice.

Surprisingly, the female folk seem to be catching up with this 'civilisation', as observed with the rate of smoking which is gradually on the increase among ladies.

The trend seems to be more in urban cities including the FCT where some of these ladies use it as a class symbol to show their level of exposure to foreign cultures and influence.

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In many ways, his agency works like similar organizations elswhere. The fee, though, of 200 Naira (five Euros) is largely a symbolic gesture. "People with HIV are still people and somebody must look after them." HIV is no longer a "death sentence" - if you have access to the drugs.

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