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But Patricia isn't lonely in that big old house, as she insists her cutie-pie come over for dinner once a week.And when they're not together, she can be seen making scrapbooks of her son's society magazine clippings while telling her butler how much she wants her baby boy to settle down.Two black-gloved arms thrash through her door; Michèle (Isabelle Huppert) is flung to the floor, her clothes are ripped off, her cat gasps; in seconds, her rapist has attacked her, smacked her, climaxed and vanished. Yet, as the stylish, brutish folds of Elle unfurl, it is immediately forgotten. She’s so cool, you begin to wonder if some deep and dark part of her actually enjoyed it.Michèle sweeps up her knickers, runs a bath, looks dispassionately at the blood pooling in the bath foam and orders sushi over the telephone. But if Elle contains any such serious or unsettling message about rape, Michèle’s puzzled response is as far as the director, Paul…Craig, the Pretty Boy His mother worries he doesn't eat enough.Cameran spends 20 minutes impatiently waiting for him to finish getting ready. Craig may be a law school graduate, but he seems more comfortable on the catwalk."Which makes this more of a challenge for the menfolk than the women, though everyone is equally shallow (no one ever says, "It doesn't matter what he/she looks like, I like them anyway").

Even the episode's ending is somewhat anti-climactic (paging rejected guy: Give me a call; that gal was crazy).

The only problem is, Patricia's fervor may be what keeps the ladies away: When Whitney brought his girlfriend, Larissa, over to mom's mansion for drinks, Patricia asked the blond European whether she'd consider moving to Charleston.

"I'm not getting any younger," she then said, hinting at her desire for grandchildren.

After trading verbal insults — Hauserman, 29, told Ozzy Osbourne’s wife that she was only famous because she managed a “brain-dead rock star” — on the VH1 show, Sharon spilled a drink on the contestant and pulled her hair.

Hauserman filed a lawsuit against the British star for battery, negligence and infliction of emotional distress.

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