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The old Saudi woman spat on the ground as she spoke to her daughter-in-law, whom she always despised for many reasons.

Unfortunately, her charms left Templeton cold, as evidenced by the picture of him all hugged up with a tall black guy while they were both holding rainbow flags. Fascinating stuff, to be sure, but it wasn't getting her anywhere.

Najma thought of her halcyon days at the University of Toronto, and one face stood out among the countless people she met there.

Nasser Mukalay, the handsome, proudly Muslim, Congolese-born star of the University of Toronto's Varsity Basketball Team in the early 2000s. "Come on now, Najma, it's Nasser, you forgot a brother this easily?

Now here she was, thirty eight years old, starting over in a new country. Like her favorite character, Najma was a woman rebuilding her life after the end of a relationship.

Just call me the Saudi Arabian Muslim version of The Starter Wife, Najma thought bitterly, as she recalled her fondness for that short-lived U. Living in a two-bedroom apartment in a seedy neighborhood didn't appeal to her one bit, but Najma had no choice. "So, you graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2004, what are you qualified for, as far as today's competitive workplace?

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